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One Way Privacy Window Film | All White 80/20 View Thru

One Way Privacy Window Film | All White 80/20 View Thru

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Contra Vision® Privacy Window Film™ offers an attractive and clever way to hide the view into rooms. The window coverings appear white from the outside, giving your home or workplace a clean, modern and elegant look.

From inside the one-way vision looking through the window is excellent and abundant natural light is allowed into rooms. For people who care about their privacy but at the same time want to keep their environments stylish and bright.

Our white perforated window films offer many benefits including preventing bird strikes, reducing external reflections and glare, solar control including a reduction of solar heat gain and UV radiation inside buildings, and a reduction in ghostly internal reflections at night.

In the summer, our window covering films help to reduce demand on air conditioning units, which minimizes energy usage and consequential CO2 emissions. In the winter they help with heat retention. The overall effect is a more comfortable working and living environment which is better for the planet.

All of our one-way vision products allow people to see out of windows both day and night. They also allow daylight into rooms, so people benefit from privacy without being shut away by blinds or curtains, enabling a healthy working or living space.

During the day they block view into a building, but depending on lighting conditions, at night time we recommend the use of blinds or curtains for total privacy.

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